Yeungnam University 'Campus Patent Strategy Universiade' Places 5th

April 30, 2009, YU

KAIST, Korea University, SNU, POSTEC, Yeungnam University
Professor Hwa-jo Lee of the school of Mechanical Engineering, Instructor Award
[February 12, 2009]

 Yeungnam University (president Hyo-soo Lee) had 4 winners in the '2008 Campus Patent Strategy Universiade' and placed 5th overall.

 According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Yeungnam University had 4 winning teams including 3 awards of excellence and 1 honorable mention in the patent strategy sector. Yeungnam University had the most winners following KAIST (18), Korea University (7), SNU (7) and POSTEC (6).

 Professor Hwa-jo Lee (54, photo) of the school of Mechanical Engineering won the Instructor Award. Kwak Gyeong-cheol (25, Mechanical Engineering, junior), Kim Sang-deok (23, Mechanical Engineering, sophomore) and Choi Young-seok (26, Electric Engineering, senior) made a team received a award and 7 million won for their paper on 'IT Technology, Ship Building, Safe Navigation and Intelligence'. Park Joo-han (29, Mechanical Engineering, senior), Lee Woong-hee (27, Mechanical Engineering, senior) and Kim Ji-hoon (28, Mechanical Engineering, senior) wrote a thesis on 'Waste Heat Recovery Device and Environment-Friendly Performance Improvement Systems', while Lee Seung-hyub (28, Mechanical Engineering, senior), Ryu Tae-ha (25, Mechanical Engineering, senior) and Lee Jung-hyung (24, Mechanical Engineering, junior) wrote a thesis titled, 'CO2 Reduction Technology' to win the CEO award and 5 million won.

 Kwon Hyun-i (25), Sohn Hee-dong (25) and Kim Jong-yeob (26), who are all juniors in Mechanical Engineering, won 1 million won for their paper on 'Waste Heat Recovery Device and Environment-Friendliness Performance Improvement Systems'.

 Professor Hwa-jo Lee stated, "I am very proud of my students who had great results while competing against graduate-level students." He also added, "I hope that their creative ideas will be utilized on site by companies."

 The 'Campus Patent Strategy Universiade' has been hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and the National Academy of Engineering of Korea for college of science, college of engineering and graduate school students since last year in order to broaden practical patent education and to procure man power and ideas fitting to the needs of companies.

 The 'Campus Patent Strategy Universiade', which is an industry-academy open innovation conference where companies give the patent-related problem and university students find the solutions, has 2 different sections: establishing patent strategies and investigating preceding technologies. In the patent strategy establishment sector, there were a total of 19 problems given, while there were 10 problems in the preceding technology examination sector in which judgments were to be made for possibility of patenting following examinations of preceding technologies.

 This year, 2050 students from 68 universities participated in the event and it was judged by literary reviews, document interviews and presentations. 89 teams (172 students) from 34 universities were awarded as winners. In the Daegu and Gyeongsangbukdo areas, winning universities were Yeungnam University, POSTECH (6), Daegu University (1) and Kumoh National Institute of Technology (1).

 The awards ceremony will be held at the Korea Technology Center (Yeoksam-dong, Seoul) at 11 am on the 13th (Friday). Winners will be given priority for employment at prominent companies such as LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Chemical, Siltron, Honam Petrochemical, Hyosung, DC Chemical, Hanwha Chemical, Hyundai Steel, Jusung Engineering, DSME, Samsung Heavy Industries, Hanjin Heavy Industries and STX Shipbuilding.