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Yeungnam University will lead the brand new 21st century paradigm in human resources development!

Y-type human resources are defined as people who have initiative, humanity, sincerity and creativity and who will lead the era of the globalized and the intelligence-based society.

Now, Y-type human resources from Yeungnam University will lead 'the glocal era'.


human resource

Y is the English abbreviation for 'Yeungnam University' and the shape/image of Y is the symbol of Chunma people
who stretch their arms toward the sky with cheer for the future and the world.
Becoming a model Y-type human resource requires a transition from the X (Xerox)-type paradigm
of cultivating talented people to the Y (Yield)-type paradigm.

Humanity, Creativity, Initiative, Specialty

Humanity : Contains a warm heart, polite behavior and a globalized manner

The first virtue of Y-type human resources is humanity
A person who has an excellent character and a warm heart can be loved and respected. The excellent character comes from their warm heart and it's completed through daily routine and habits. Warm hearted people can learn how to love others and keep that in their daily routine. As a result, people get the increased power of networking and can develop their leadership naturally.

Y-type human resources Education Program
  • a. 'Reading Classics', 'University life with Social Service' as compulsory courses in General Education
  • b. YU Glocal Volunteer Corps
  • c. Overseas Volunteer Corps connected with UNESCO and IWO
  • d. Hosted Social Service Expo
  • e. Voluntary Social Service activity linked with major subject
Creativity : means cultivating people who can solve problems in creative ways

The second virtue of Y-type human resources is creativity
For people who live in the intelligence-based society, creativity is the most important competence and it comes from a critical mind and forms with an inquiring mind. To get creative, students need to improve their ability to re-create collected knowledge and information into new ones with the process of analysis, amongst other things. By running 'base program' which involves Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Logic, and so on, students should be able to build concrete basics of academic information.

Y-type human resources Education Program
  • a. Creative teaching
  • b. Creative learning ability test, creative learning method consulting and training
  • c. Campus of creativity, YUCC studying contents contest
  • d. Festival of Engineering Education
  • e. International university students' competition of Baja SAE Korea
Initiative : means educating global citizens with global leadership

The third virtue of Y-type human resources is Initiative
To survive in the drastically changing global market and the intelligence-based society, students should be able to enjoy the changes or lead them. Students need a natural atmosphere to challenge and think persistently on campuses in the world. Based on initiative, students shouldn't be afraid of failing and should make the world their stage for accomplishing their dreams.

Y-type human resources Education Program
  • a. Global Leadership Program(Window to the World, Outbound Pilot Program, Global Internship Program, and more)
  • b. Territory Pilgrimage Big Run, Ulleungdo & Dokdo Cultural Tour, Boot camp training
  • c. Chunma Leaders Camp
  • d. Career Inquiring-Career Coaching Program
  • e. Chunma Sports League & Hiking Competition for Presidential Cup
Specialty : is the ability of a specialist in specific area

Specialty makes Y-type human resources much brighter
The more advanced that industry and society are, the more demands there are on the specialist in each area. People with specialties will become advanced human resources who have converged information across diverse disciplines through integration and understanding

Y-type human resources Education Program
  • a. Combined Major of Green Energy, Combined Major of Global China
  • b. Ability enhancement program for the globalization, School of International Studies
  • c. College of Engineering's ABEEK certification program, Honors Program of College of Business and Economics
  • d. Research-based learning method: Undergraduate student's SCI thesis presentation
  • e. Internship, symposium, competitive exhibition participation, thesis & patent application