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Yeungnam University CNSi Club Alumni Donate 30 Million Won for School Development N

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  • Date : 2024.06.13 09:25
  • Publication Date : 2024.05.28
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11 Alumni from CNSi Club Visit School to Show Support

CNSi Club, Established by Professor SA Jong-yeob in 1993 to Nurture Software Talents

Dedicated to University Development and Nurturing Glocal Talents

[May 28, 2024]

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<YU Mechanical Engineering Department CNSi Club alumni have donated 30 million won for the development of their alma mater.>

YU Mechanical Engineering Department CNSi Club alumni have donated 30 million won for the development of their alma mater.

 On the 25th, 11 alumni who were active in the CNSi Club from the classes of '89 to '93 visited the university for the first time in 30 years. They met with YU President CHOI Oe-chool and handed over the donation, requesting it be used for the development of the university and the support of current mechanical engineering students.

 CNSi Club was established in 1993 by Professor SA Jong-yeob of the Mechanical Engineering Department to enhance students' practical skills through participation in competitions, industry-academia cooperation programs, and various project experiences for those interested in software development. Since its inception, the club has amassed numerous awards in contests hosted by schools and companies due to the passionate guidance of the advisor and the challenging spirit of the students. These alumni, who are now thriving in various sectors of society, visited the school to express their gratitude to their advisor and support their juniors. 

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<CNSi Club presented flowers of gratitude to Prof. SA Jong-yeob>.

 Mechanical Engineering alumnus LIM Woo-taek ('90) said, "First of all, I would like to thank Professor SA Jong-yeob for establishing the club and supporting the students in every way possible. The intense discussions, brainstorming, and project activities with the club seniors and juniors 30 years ago have shaped who we are today. We decided to give back a portion of what we received from our alma mater and Professor SA. We hope this will aid the development of the mechanical engineering juniors and we will continue to support our alma mater."

 In response, YU President CHOI Oe-chool said, "As a president, I am grateful to the numerous alumni who support their alma mater. I believe the presence of alumni who are active in various sectors of society enhances our university's capabilities and prestige. YU is committed to change and innovation in a rapidly changing university environment. We will dedicate ourselves to educating glocal talents who will lead national development and contribute to global community prosperity in line with the support of our alumni."