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YU Professor JEONG Jae-hak Wins Best Paper Award at Korean Society of Energy Autumn Conference N

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  • Date : 2024.06.28 13:14
  • Publication Date : 2024.06.11
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Among 800 papers presented at the 2023 Korean Society of Energy Autumn Conference, recognized for the best paper

Acknowledged for 'Optimal Design Technology for Vertical Agrivoltaic Systems'

Highlighted as new technology for rural development and preventing regional decline

[June 11, 2024]

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<Professor JEONG Jae-hak from YU School of Chemical Engineering receives the Best Paper Award at the Korean Society of Energy Autumn Conference.>

Professor JEONG Jae-hak (62) from YU School of Chemical Engineering has been awarded the Best Paper Award at the 2023 Autumn Conference of the Korean Society of Energy.

Professor JEONG's paper was selected as the best among over 800 papers presented on the theme of "Latest Technological Trends in the Development and Utilization of New Energy Sources to Curb Carbon Emissions in Response to Climate Change" at the Korean Society of Energy's Autumn Conference held last October. The results of this rigorous evaluation were announced in May 2024, earning him this prestigious award.

The awarded paper focuses on developing and demonstrating cutting-edge design technology that enables simultaneous farming and electricity generation on agricultural land. Specifically, it presents a design technology that sets up solar cell modules vertically, thereby not adversely affecting crop cultivation while producing economically viable electricity. This is the first empirical research result on vertical agrivoltaic systems in Korea, recognized as a new technology that can boost the rural economy, increase farm incomes, and prevent regional decline.

Last year, Professor JEONG was honored with the Yeungnam University Excellent Research Award. Notably, he has a pioneering history of integrating solar power generation with crop cultivation on farms, being the first in domestic universities to initiate research on agrivoltaic systems. Additionally, he served as the head of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk branch of the Korean Society of Chemical Engineers in 2023.