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KEUM JI-won from Department of Visual Design - Prime Minister’s Prize in Korean National Symbol Design Contest N

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  • Date : 2022.09.15 09:48
  • Publication Date : 2022.09.08
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Introduction of <Global Korea> based on the idea obtained in the major class of Department of Visual Design

Design of posters using cultural heritages and national symbols such as Sungnyemun Gate, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Cheomseongdae

[September 08, 2022]


KEUM JI-won, 2nd Grade of YU Department of Visual Design (20, above photo), won Prime Minister’s Prize in the 8th Korean National Symbol Design Contest. 

 “Korean National Symbol Design Contest” is a design contest to improve national image with use of national symbols such as Taegeukgi, Mugunghwa, national anthem, and national seal and with use of Hangeul and cultural heritages, etc.

and was held for graphic design, product design, and video design parts.

 The contest was held being divided into general part, college (graduate school) part, and high school part and entries were filed from June 3rd to 30th. 1,849 works were filed and 40 works were finally selected in August through 1st and 2nd professional reviews. Ms Keum won Prime Minister’s Prize in graphic design area.

The work of Ms Keum is “Global Korea”. The work is a poster design based on Sungnyemun Gate (National Treasure No.1), Gyeongbokgung Palace (the representative palace of Joseon Dynasty), Cheomseongdae in Gyeongju, Dabotap Pagoda, Seokgatap Pagoda, and Tomb of King Muryeong, etc. She added symbolic meanings with use of beautiful traditional patterns of Korea, Mugunghwa (national flower), Taegeukgi, and Gun-Gon-Gam-Ri.

<Global Korea> (KEUM Ji-won from YU Department of Visual Design)


 Her work was completed based on the idea obtained in her major class in the Department of Visual Design. She designed Korean history textbook based on the class of creative illustration provided last year and completed <Global Korea> through design supplementation. The work may be used as various applications including stickers. <Refer to below-shown work>


 Ms Keum said, “I paid more attention because it is a design contest for participation with use of the elements of national symbols. Ms Keum said, “I paid more attention because it is a design contest for participation with use of the elements of national symbols. I made more endeavors to harmonization of Korean cultural heritages and national symbolic elements such as Taegeukgi and Mugunghwa. Participation in the contest and the winning seems to be a motive for me to be focused in design work as well as major study. I will develop my dream of a graphic designer.”

 Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security managed and held the contest on 1F of Blue House Guesthouse in August to encourage people’s interest.