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YU, Excellence Award in “Best Practice Contest in Consortium Vocational Training” N

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  • Date : 2022.09.29 14:10
  • Publication Date : 2022.09.23
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Selected as an excellent vocational training case and jumped into “a local base incumbent training center”

[September 23, 2022]


YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) received Excellence Award in “13th Contest for presentation of excellent cases of Best of CHAMP Day” managed by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and Human Resources Development Service of Korea.

 In the award ceremony held in Gyeongnam SONO CALM GEOJE on the 20th, YU was selected as an excellent case and received plaque and award in project operation area among more than 200 joint training centers of National Human Resources Development Consortium.

 National Human Resources Development Consortium is a national manpower cultivation project that was implemented by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, etc. since 2001 to help laborers of small-and-medium enterprises suffering from difficulty in development of job capabilities compared with large enterprises.

YU SME HRD Team provided education to strengthen capabilities of core industrial personnel in Southeast Territory in the areas of △ Automobile components, △ Logistics, △ Foreign trade, and △ Smart manufacture last year. More than 2,700 employees completed the training for recent two years and the university’s social contribution activities were externally recognized through local enterprises’ talent cultivation.

 Manager LEE Gyeong-soo of YU Industry-Academy Cooperation Team said, “YU has been leading win-win cooperation by opening excellent education curriculum and infrastructure of the university to local small-and-medium enterprises for 15 years with participation in National Human Resources Development Consortium. We will try to make a regional base-type future industry training center focused in YU SME HRD Team to meet local industries’ requirement for cultivation of future car, semiconductor, and DX manpower.”

 Meanwhile, “Best of CHAMP Day” held by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and managed by Human Resources Development Service of Korea has been held every year since 2010 to seek for and expand excellent cases of tailored manpower cultivation projects to meet National Human Resources Development Consortium and local industries.