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“Let’s make a happy world together!” YU Social Contribution Group Launching Ceremony N

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  • Date : 2022.11.25 09:15
  • Publication Date : 2022.11.09
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More than students and staff started global service activities with YU Social Contribution Group Launching Ceremony

Plan regular service activities once a month at least including campus purification activity and sharing service for the socially underprivileged, etc.

Planned to organize an overseas voluntary service team and for dispatch in this winter

[November 9, 2022]


<Members read a written oath in YU Social Contribution Group Launching Ceremony> 

YU Social Contribution Group of YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) was officially launched.

YU held YU Social Contribution Group Launching Ceremony in the morning on the 9th in LEE Si-won Global Convention Hall of YU Cheonma Art Center with participation of student and staff service team and President CHOI Oe-chool.YU declared a new vision, “University of Creativity and Innovation Contributing to the Prosperity of Humanity,” in its 75th Anniversary this year.

YU Social Contribution Group launched on this day is a part of the members' vigorous leap forward to achieve the new vision of YU.

In the launching ceremony, President CHOI Oe-chool handed the social contribution flag to Manager KIM Jeong-hun of YU Social Contribution Group and then reading of a written oath by student and staff representatives of YU Social Contribution Group and member appoint certificate conferment ceremony was provided. Starting with this launching ceremony, the YU Social Contribution Group, which consists of more than 200 YU students and staff, will begin regular activities.


YU Social Contribution Group will regularly make service activities once a month at least.It plans to expand the base to various social contribution activities that may be carried out in and out of the campus, such as volunteer activities practiced in everyday life including campus cleaning activities, sharing activities targeting the socially underprivileged, and activities linked to local volunteer centers.It also plans to expand school-wide recruitment of students and staff members each year.

Especially, in this winter vacation, it will restart overseas voluntary service programs that had been stopped for last two years due to COVID-19 Pandemic. YU plans to organize Overseas Voluntary Service Group consisting of students and staff focused on YU Social Contribution Group and dispatch it to Cambodia, etc. for two weeks and to expand the countries and members step by step.


Student HA Yoon-seok (3rd grade of Department of Saemaul International Development) , who read written oath as the representative of students, said, “I feel that the interest and importance of social contribution activities are growing not only in everyday life, but also in corporate activities and the international community. I expect that YU Social Contribution Group will play the role of the center of service activities. I will continuously carry out social contribution activities by planning and discovering volunteer activities as well as group service activities.”

President CHOI Oe-chool of YU said, “I thank the students and staff for participation in YU Social Contribution Group with a consensus on the new vision of the university as the members of YU.YU Social Contribution Group will plan and operate differentiated social contribution programs. I hope they grow up to be the talents who will fulfill their roles and responsibilities and contribute to human society as the members of global community as social members starting with small service activities in their surroundings.