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“Keep your health and think about the environment walking on the campus.” N

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  • Date : 2022.11.25 09:19
  • Publication Date : 2022.11.07
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Held YU’s 75th Anniversary Cheonma Tracking & Plogging Event.

Participation of 300 students and staff, etc.

Made campus purification activity by walking 4.2km on the campus area including Central Library

[November 7, 2022]


YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) students made campus purification activity walking on the campus.

On November 7th, YU’s 75th Anniversary Cheonma Tracking & Plogging Event was held and more than students and staff, etc. participated in the event.At 2:00 pm, Students declared opening of the event and started plogging after warm-up on a natural grass soccer field near the YU gate.

“Plogging” is a Swedish compound term meaning “the act of jogging and picking up wastes.”It is an environment protective movement to promote participation in environment preservation by picking up wastes and keeping healthy during jogging.In Korea, another compound term is also used: “Joopging” which is combination of “Joopda” and “Jogging.”

The plogging event was conducted on 4.1km of course of the campus from YU natural grass soccer field, through IT Building, Information Computer Building, LEE Long-woo Science Library, Pharmaceutical College, Mirror Pond, and Central Library, to YU natural grass soccer field again.

For the event, rest places were operated in four positions at LEE Long-woo Science Library, Central Library, and Mirror Pond, etc. to supply participants with beverage, snacks, and additional waste bags. The participation was promoted by providing missions such as ▲ Solve O/X quiz related to YU, ▲ Upload photos on social media (Instagram) to prove participation in Cheonma Trekking & plogging, ▲ Hunt for treasures, and ▲ Make three-line poems and by allowing course-completed participants to have the opportunities for giveaways at the rest places.


CHOI Eun-bin, a participant in 3rd Grade of Department of Business Administration, said, ”I participated in the plogging event with a pleasant mind walking on the campus in cool but sunny autumn weather. It seems to be a good event to think about environmental protection making our living and studying campus space fresh. I’d like to have frequent plogging activities with my friends rather than just participating in one-time event.”


President CHOI Oe-chool of YU said, “Small practice and activity such as campus environment purification activity is the start of social contribution activities. I hope they have continuous interest to make our living base and valuable campus a healthy and clean space. The small service activity started on the campus will become the foundation for growing to be talents to contribute to human society.”