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Students of YU Business School received award citation of Daegu Transportation Corporation N

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  • Date : 2023.02.23 13:34
  • Publication Date : 2023.02.01
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Contribution to improvement of service of Daegu Urban Railway and customer service

Idea adopted for improvement of Daegu Subway’s customer service in Business Practice Case Contest

[February 1, 2023]

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<Students and Professor HEO Yong-seok of YU Business School who received award citation of Daegu Transportation Corporation>

The students of YU Business School received the award citation of Daegu Transportation Corporation.The received the citation due to contribution to improvement of service of Daegu Subway and customer service.

 The students of YU Business School held “1st Business Practice Case Contest of YU Department of Business Administration” last year in order to enhance the capability of students for business practice. The contest was held with the subject of “Plan to improve Daegu Subway’s service based on customers’ viewpoints” and 27 teams (126 persons) filed online applications; creative customer service improvement ideas were shown by the students for users of Daegu Subway. 

 Professor LEE Yoon-jae (Dean of YU Business Administration) and Professor HEO Yong-seok (chief professor of the contest) managed the contest, professors of Department of Business Administration such as KIM Jeong-gun, PARK Tae-gyeong, YOON Jeong-hyeon, KIM Jeong-moo, and KIM Hyeong-joon took team teaching advisors, and Customer Communication Department of Daegu Transportation Corporation reviewed the ideas of students jointly with the professors of Department of Business Administration. Team H consisting of students HWANG Ju-hyeon, JEONG Hye-min, KIM Ji-hyeon, KIM Na-yeong, PARK Hyo-jin, and JEONG Daeun received grand prize and Team C consisting of students LEE Ji-min, PARK Gyeong-min, LEE Mi-hyeon, PARK Hyeon-jin, and KIM Yeon-seo received excellence award.

 Team H and Team C received award citations of Daegu Transportation Corporation with acceptance of the creative ideas for customer service improvement, i.e. “Creative strategic plan to reduce customers’ inconvenience” and “Vacancy zone to decrease inconvenience and increase happiness,” respectively.Daegu Transportation Corporation intends to apply the ideas of Team H and Team C for service improvement for customers of Daegu Subway to the practice.

 Professor HEO Yong-seok of YU Department of Business Administration managed the contest and said, “The award citations are highly meaningful cases because creative ideas of the students of YU Business School did not remain in the classrooms but were accepted for excellence at business practice level and will be actually applied for service improvement for Daegu Subway users and may be evaluated as excellence cases of win-win industry-academy cooperation for local development.”