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YU Department of Computer Science, swept major competitions with recognition of major-capability N

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  • Date : 2023.03.22 14:03
  • Publication Date : 2023.03.08
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Won successive awards in major-related competitions held last year, such as “University Student App Development Challenge K-Hackathon”

[March 08, 2023]

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<Students of YU Department of Computer Science won the Excellence Award at the 10th National Student App Development Challenge K-Hackathon>

Students of YU Department of Computer Science swept major competitions and contests held last year and showed their excellent major-capability.

 Team “Bom Bom” consisting of PARK Ji-yeon, OH Eun-ah, and LEE Gyeong-ju from YU Department of Computer Science and KIM Yun-ju from YU Department of Visual Design won the Korea Contents Association President’s Award (Excellence Award) at the 10th National Student App Development Challenge K-Hackathon held from June to November last year. Their award work is “Working Parents: A life made by working couples together.” It is a comprehensive childcare platform that integrates neighborhood, kindergarten, and home based on app sharing between husband and wife. It was evaluated that it would be helpful in resolving the difficulties faced by working couples and in alleviating the low birth rate problem.

 They formed another team with NA Yoo-gyeong and JEON In-seo (both, 4th grade) and developed “Metablock.”, a metaverse immersive education platform using Haptic (a technology that allows you to feel tactile sensation, power, and sense of movement among computer functions). Their major-capability and creativity for ideas were recognized by winning IT Female Entrepreneurs Association President Award (Bronze Prize) at the Eve and ICT Mentoring Contest in 2022, as well as the Local Excellence in Science and Engineering Talent Award at the 14th WIT Leader Conference and Ceremony

 The students of YU Department of Computer Science also stood out in the competition they participated in as a joint team with the students of other majors. Team “Young Guys” consisting of CHO Chang-heon (Department of Computer Engineering), KIM Hong-tae (Department of Economics and Finance/Double Major in Computer Science), SEO Seong-won (Department of Business Administration/Double Major in Computer Science), and JEONG Ho-chan (Department of Communication and Communication) won the grand prize at the “2022 Northeast Public Data Utilization Challenge Hackathon” hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency. 'DAON' is a service that analyzes general conversations like actual conversations with humans through natural language processing and recommends the most suitable policy for the user. Unlike other services that require the use of accurate terms to search for welfare policies, DAON attracted the attention of the contest participants.

 Also, the capability of the students of YU Department of Computer Science was externally recognized through Grand Prize (KIM Chae-il, LEE Tae-hoon, CHOI Eun-seon) at “2022 Korea Information Processing Society ICT Mentoring Conference,” “2022 Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service President's Award (CHO Chang-heon) at “Big Leader AI Academy Project,” and “2021 Korea Tourism Organization President's Award” (HONG Young-min).