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‘Lee Jong Woo Science Library’ Opened... Remembering the ‘Meaning of Sharing’ N

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  • Date : 2021.09.08 14:50
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Library named after ‘Korea Former Chairman Lee Jong-woo’ opened

Donated 5 billion KRW worth of real estate for renovation of library

“Value of life is determined not by ‘gathering’ but by ‘sharing’!” Entrepreneur who put into practice his beliefs for his entire life

[September 1, 2021]
영남대학교가 이종우 ㈜한국호머 회장의 이름은 단 ‘이종우과학도서관’을 개관했다..png

  The YU Science Library completed renovations and greeted students with the new name ‘Lee Jong Woo Science Library’ as the second semester began.


  YU completed the expansion and renovation of the science library and named it the ‘Lee Jong Woo Science Library’ and held a construction completion ceremony at 2 p.m. On September 1. It was named after Korea Former Chairman Lee Jong-woo who donated 5 billion KRW worth of real estate for this expansion and renovation to remember his lofty spirit.
  In 2019, he made news by donating real estate worth 5 billion KRW to his alma mater, YU. At the time, Chairman Lee was serving as a director the Yeungnam School Foundation and felt bad seeing difficulties with renovation of the science library, and thus decided to donate a large sum for development funds.
영남대학교가 이종우 ㈜한국호머 회장의 이름은 단 ‘이종우과학도서관’을 개관했다.(2).jpg

  At the completion ceremony were present Yeungnam School Foundation Chair Han Jae-sook and Director Lee Shi-won, YU President CHOI Oe-chool, former YU President Sur Gil-soo, YU General Alumni Association Chairman Jung Tae-il, Dongsun Synthetic Fiber CEO Seo Seok-hong (former chairman of the YU Finance and Economy Alumni Association) to congratulate the opening of the Lee Jong Woo Science Library.


  Chairman Lee Jong-woo attended the ceremony and stated, “It is an honor that a library named after me is opened at my alma mater’s campus where I studied with great dreams when I was young.” He added, “I hope that this library serves as the platform for fostering the ‘pillars of national restoration’ that is the founding spirit of YU. I hope that my juniors dream big and become leaders of Korea beyond their seniors who are currently making great achievements in different parts of society.”2021090293.jpg

  The Lee Jong Woo Science Library is four stories tall and has a total floor area of 10,031 and is composed of a science technology archive room, small lecture hall, mobile learning zone, creative lounge, seminar room, and employment study room. On the second floor is the Songam Lounge named after Chairman Lee’s nom de plume ‘Songam.’

영남대학교 이종우과학도서관 실내 전경.jpg
<Interior of Lee Jong Woo Science Library>

 YU President CHOI Oe-chool said, “It is very meaningful to open the Lee Jong Woo Science Library that will continue to share Chairman Lee’s message of sharing throughout his entire life.” He added, “I hope that juniors studying here will continue Chairman Lee’s philosophy of life and become figures who contribute to human society. The Lee Jong Woo Science Library will be the starting point for fostering talented individuals with the spirit of sharing, serving, and having a sustainable creative spirit.”


  Chairman Lee practiced his belief that ‘sharing’ and not 'gathering’ determines one’s life. In addition to the donation of the real estate worth 5 billion KRW, Chairman Lee also founded the ‘Songam Scholarship Association’ at YU in 2002 to help his juniors having difficulties with studies, where he has donated over 1.2 billion KRW in scholarships up to now. Outside of YU, he established the Songam Lee Jong-woo Scholarship Foundation where he delivered scholarship funds for high schools and colleges around the nation to help foster talented human resources. He was recognized for his contributions to the development of education in the Republic of Korea and last year, he received the honor of being awarded the ’Order of Civil Merit, Peony Medal’ from the government. In July, he published his autobiography ‘Pine Tree Rooted in Stone’ to tell his life story.