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YU Judo Team Wins ‘Gold and Bronze’ at the National Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Judo Federation Championship! N

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  • Date : 2021.09.29 10:55
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Kim Jung-soo (-90kg) wins gold and Seo Bo-min (-66kg) wins bronze

Bronze medal in team match to continue pride as a judo powerhouse

[September 14, 2021]
   The YU Judo Team (Head Coach Lee Jung-hwa) won one gold and one bronze medal in the individual matches and the bronze medal in the team match at the 2021 Summer National Men’s and Women's Collegiate Judo Federation Championship.


  At this tournament held at the Yanggu Culture and Sports Hall in Gangwon-do from September 3 to 6, Kim Jung-soo (20, Sport Science, sophomore) took first place in the -90kg division, while Seo Bo-min (22, Special Physical Education, senior) won the bronze medal.


  Kim Jung-soo, who won the gold medal, took the win by forfeit from Yoon Dong-hwan (Sehan University) on the first round, and then at the round of 16, defeated Sohn Gang (Kyungwoon University) by ippon with a shoulder throw counter. He faced off against Lee Gyeong-ho of YU at the quarter finals and won by ippon with a shoulder throw. Then in the semi-finals, he defeated Jung Hae-min (Cheongju University) by waza-ari. And in the final match, he took the victory against Kim Jae-min (Yongin University) by being awarded a waza-ari with a kata guruma just one second left in the match.


  YU Judo Team Head Coach Lee Jung-hwa said, “I think that in this tournament, our athletes showed their potentials despite the various hardships,” while adding, “We will move forward so that we will have good outcomes while showing the true colors of YU at the 102nd National Sports Festival that will be held in Gyeongbuk in October.”


  The YU Judo Team that was founded in 1956 has continuously left good records in Korean judo together with Yongin University and Korea National Sport University as it continues its legacy as a powerhouse for college judo.