College of Arts


The College of Design and Art have set up the following goals of education on the basis of its spirit of foundation in order to realize the basic educational principle of art creation and education for the whole man.

First, cultivation of man of character with right sense of value as around member of society whom the times needs by fostering rational thinking and performing creative human education to meet new social needs of internationalization age to fulfill the basic task of college.

Second, development of wide knowledge and potential required for creative activities by strengthening fundamental education and diversifying experience in creative experience in art and design including areas of pure fine arts and design.

Third, cultivation of artistic expert with knowledge, technology and professional vision who can be variously adapted to and rapidly cope with changing society through pursuit of truth by the plastic art and order of nature, and furthermore production of competent artists and designers who can contribute to development of national art and culture as well as country and community in the modern society.