College of Business & Economics


The College of Business and Economics, based on the foundation spirits and goals of the University, sets its goals as follows in order to develop the students into competent individuals who will serve the nation and the public.

First, the College contributes to the advancement of human knowledge and the development of every student to his or her highest potential through fulfillment of basic university duties such as instruction, research, and service to the public.

Second, in order to develop the students into professional manpower that modern industrialized society calls for, the College will lead the students to full acquirement of all the necessary theories and foster their abilities to apply them to the real world. In particular, the College will purport to turn out competent graduates who are well prepared to adapt themselves actively and creatively to the age of globalization, liberalization and information.

Third, the College aims to educate its students to become leaders of high moral standards with sincere and progressive attitude and spirits for service to others, through education of liberal arts and nurturing of moral character.