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YU students win 'Grand Prize' in National University Innovation Case Video Contest N

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  • Date : 2024.03.27 09:24
  • Publication Date : 2024.03.11
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LEE Jae-kyung, JUNG Ji-woon and KIM Sung-eun, 3rd grade in the Department of Human Services

Awarded the 'Grand Prize' in the Student Review Video Contest for University Innovation Support Project

Contains achievements from various extracurricular programs operated by the YU Educational Development Center

[March 11, 2024]

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<From the second person from the left: LEE Jae-kyung, JUNG Ji-woon and KIM Sung-eun>

YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) students have won the 'Grand Prize' at a national-level competition.

 At the 'University Innovation Case Video Contest' held at BEXCO in Busan on February 2nd, the team 'Powerpuff Girls', composed of LEE Jae-kyung, JUNG Ji-woon and KIM Sung-eun from the Department of Human Services won the grand prize.

 The contest, sponsored by the Ministry of Education and organized by the General Council of the University Innovation Support Project, received submissions from students at 117 universities participating in the National University Innovation Support Project. For the eight universities (teams) that passed the first and second rounds of judging, the final presentation and third round of judging were held at the '2023 University Innovation Support Project Performance Forum' held on February 1 and 2, and the YU team was selected as the 'Grand Prize'.

 The submitted video from YU students included their experiences and achievements from various extracurricular programs operated by the YU Educational Development Center, such as the YU Can Do program for academic improvement, the departmental English promotional video competition, contests for exemplary cases of curriculum and extracurricular learning practices, and the learning portfolio competition.

 Representing the team, student LEE Jae-kyung said, "I have experienced a significant improvement in my grades through participation in the Educational Development Center's YU Can Do program. I plan to actively participate in various extracurricular programs on learning design methods and learning strategies provided by the YU Educational Development Center in the future, and actively promote them to my friends and juniors."

The award-winning video is available on the YU Youtube channel (https://youtube/WhJhvzeR-J4).

The YU Educational Development Center operates various programs to enhance students' learning capabilities and provide opportunities for exploring majors, including major-specific programs, basic major education, academic improvement programs, and tailored-level learning consultations. Additionally, it produces learning materials for distribution to students and discovers and shares excellent cases of learning strategies. Approximately 16,000 students participate annually, and their feedback is consistently incorporated into educational development efforts.