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13 YU Alumni Become Members of the 22nd National Assembly N

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  • Date : 2024.04.24 09:56
  • Publication Date : 2024.04.12
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Continued Influence of YU Alumni in the 22nd National Assembly

Over Half of Daegu's 12 Seats Occupied by YU alumni

13 Members of Parliament Elected from Daegu/Gyeongbuk, and Gyeonggi Regions

[April 12, 2024]


<YU Alumni Elected in the 22nd National Assembly Election>

The alumni power of YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) was once again confirmed in the 22nd National Assembly elections held on April 10. In this parliamentary election, YU produced 13 members of the National Assembly from districts.

 In the district elections, there were many elected in the Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions. In Daegu, JOO Ho-young (Law ‘78) won Suseong (Gap), LEE In-sun (Food and Nutrition '78) won Suseong (Eul), KIM Sang-hoon (Law '82) won Seo-gu, KIM Seung-soo (Public Administration ’83) won Buk-gu (Eul), YOON Jae-ok (Graduate School of Business Administration Advanced Management Program ’09, hereinafter called AMP) won Dalseo (Eul), KWON Young-jin (AMP ’15) won Dalseo (Byeong), KANG Dae-sik (Ph.D., Graduate School, '17) won Dong-gu/Gunwi(Eul), and CHU Gyeong-ho (AMP ‘17) won Dalseong. Thus, 8 out of the 12 seats for Daegu were taken by graduates of YU. 

 Two YU alumni won in Gyeongbuk : KIM Seok-gi (Public Administration '71) in Gyeongju and JO Ji-yeon (Political Diplomacy '06) in Gyeongsan, while three YU alumni won in Gyeonggi: PARK Hae-cheol (Civil Engineering '84) in Ansan (Byeong), CHOO Mi-ae (AMP '09) in Hanam (Gap), and LEE Sang-sik (AMP '16) in Yongin (Gap).

 In particular, Representative KANG Dae-sik in Dong-gu/Gunwi (Eul) achieved a remarkable victory with a vote share of 76.1%, recording the highest percentage in the Daegu region and bringing great joy to his election.

 In addition, Representative JOO Ho-young in Suseong (Gap) and Representative CHOO Mi-ae in Hanam (Gap) were elected to six consecutive terms, the most among the winners of the 22nd General Election. Meanwhile, Representatives JO Ji-yeon in Gyeongsan, PARK Hae-cheol in Ansan (Byeong), and LEE Sang-sik in Yongin (Gap) were elected for the first time.