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YU constructed “Next mobility urban self-driving platform.” N

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  • Date : 2021.11.24 10:06
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Construction of core infrastructure for cultivation of talents of future vehicles and drones

Construction of same environment with actual roads for trial examinations of self-driving vehicles

Industry-college cooperative R&D test, utilization of future vehicle education course practice yard of College of Mechanical and IT Engineering

Self-driving vehicle contest will be held.

[November 9, 2021]

<Scene of YU next mobility urban self-driving platform>

 YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) constructed YU next mobility urban self-driving platform and held the opening ceremony on the 9th.

  It has the meaning that core infrastructure to cultivate talents and to lead activation of industry-college cooperation in the area of next nobility, i.e. future vehicle and drone area, which is one of new technology areas in the times of the 4th industrial revolution.

The next mobility urban self-driving platform was constructed with the support by Social Tailored LINC+ (Leaders in Industry-college Cooperation+) Cultivation Project in YU Gyeongsan Campus with about 3,600m2 of area. Running environment same with actual roads is constructed for trial examinations of self-driving vehicles. Paved running roads, electric & traffic equipment such as crosswalks, six 3-color and 4-color traffic signals, two crosswalk signals for walkers, and one signal light control system, road and traffic signs, and safety fences were constructed. Especially, drone flight point posts will be installed in the space so as to be used for drone education and practice including drone flight exercise.

  YU College of Mechanical and IT Engineering plans to use the urban self-driving platform as an education course and practice yard for future vehicles and drones and to use it for holding contests including various tests needed for industry-college cooperative R&D. Also, common utilization method will be sought for through industry-college cooperation with local automobile component industry and cooperation with other colleges and research institutes.

  BAE Cheol-ho, the manager of YU LINC+ Team, said, “The infrastructure for education about self-driving vehicles and drones which belong to next-generation industry was provided with construction of YU next mobility urban self-driving platform,” and “I will do my best for construction of infrastructure including laboratories for industry-college cooperation as well as configuration of education curriculum so that YU students may grow to be the talents to lead next mobility area.”