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YU GTEP Team won grand prize in “FTA Utilization PR Content Contest” N

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  • Date : 2021.11.24 10:11
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Video of Korean medium-and-small enterprises’ utilization of FTA to make export models using EU-Vietnam FTA

YU GTEP Team enhanced practical capability as well as language and foreign trade theories through overseas exhibitions

[November 17, 2021]


<Students of GTEP Team 15th Class who won grand prize in 2021 FTA Utilization PR Content Contest for college & graduate school students>

 (BAE Jang-hyeon, LEE Chang-hwan, LIM Tae-gyu, and LEE Seung-min from the left>

YU GTEP (Global Trade Experts Incubating Program) Team students won grand prize in 2021 FTA Utilization PR Content Contest for college & graduate school students.

  In the contest conducted from July to October last year, 85 teams participated in whole country. Six teams won prizes finally, and, among them, YU Team won grand prize in video part. The contest was conducted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Korea International Trade Association and is a PR video content contest in the subject of FTA utilization for encouragement of export of Korean enterprises.

  YU students who won grand prize in the contest are LIM Tae-gyu (26), LEE Chang-hwan (25), BAE Jang-hyeon (24) (all 4th Grade), and LEE Seung-min (24) (3rd Grade) of College of Business and Economics of GTEP Team 15th Class. The winner work of YU Team is <Daegu Some Youth (Textile’S)>. They made the work in a web drama type to show the process that a domestic medium-and-small enterprise of textile area makes a successful export model with strategic utilization of EU-Vietnam FTA. The video showed an export strategy that a Korean medium-and-small enterprise in Vietnam may maximize profit by saving tariffs or getting a preferential tariff with active use of EU-Vietnam FTA and was favorably assessed.

  LIM Tae-gyu, a member of YU GTEP Team 15th Class, gave his impressions, “FTA is the most important agreement in global international trade market. I wanted to form an interesting story by combining a case to utilize FTA,” and “I am glad that the FTA export strategy we studied was accepted by the professional agency. We could enhance our professional knowledge on international trade and practical capability through the activities of GTEP Team. As we won grand prize in the contest, our self-confidence seems to be enhanced for the dream of international trade professionals.”

YU GTEP Team is recognized as a cradle to cultivate youth international trade professionals. The students of GTEP Team enhance their practical capability by making marketing activities in overseas exhibitions with the workers of medium-and-small enterprises in addition to basic education about languages and trade business affairs, market analysis, overseas marketing, and counseling with buyers, etc. The students of GTEP Team have been playing the role of advance guards of medium-and-small enterprises’ export by participating in overseas exhibitions every year. YU has been implementing Global Trade Experts Incubating Program (GTEP) for 20 years starting with TI (Trade Incubator) project of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2002 and operates GTEP Team 15th Class in this year.