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Professor PARK Ju-hyeon, one of “Top 1%” of the world for consecutive seven years N

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  • Date : 2021.11.24 10:22
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“Top 1% in impact factors of theses” in three areas: engineering, computer science, and mathematics

Only 23 researchers in the world in the three areas - The only researcher in Korea

Report of more than 190 theses in internationally famous academic journals for recent three years, more than 32,000 times of citations

[November 17, 2021]

PARK Ju-hyeon (53) Professor of Department of Electric Engineering, YU was selected as one of Top 1% Researchers of the World again.He has been selected as one of the most influential researchers of the word for consecutive seven years since 2015.

  Clarivate Analytics (hereinafter referred to as Clarivat) which is a world-level information analysis service enterprise reported a list of “The most influential researchers in the world in 2021,” i.e. Highly Cited Researchers (Hereinafter referred to as HCR), on 16th.

  Especially, Professor Park was selected as one of Top 1% Researchers for consecutive three years since 2018 in three areas: engineering, mathematics, and computer science. There are only 23 researchers in the world who were included in the Top 1% in the world in three or more areas. In Korea, Professor Park is the only person. Being selected as HCR in many areas means the influence in wide range of areas and acceptance of unique research power in world-level researchers.

  Professor Park conducted active researches by reporting more than 190 theses in internationally famous journals for recent three years. Especially, his research performances were accepted at world level through more than 32,000 times of citations of his theses and more than 100 times citations of about 80 theses. Professor Park was selected as a regular member of The Korean Academy of Science and Technology and acts as an edition staff for many international journals including IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems.

  In this year, 6,602 researchers from more than 70 countries were listed in HCR. 47 researchers were listed in HCR from Korea and, among them, 44 researchers are Koreans. In case of Korea, Professor Park is the only researcher who was selected in three or more areas and six researchers were selected in two areas.

  HCR are selected in 22 areas consisting of 21 science and social science areas and 1 cross-field (researcher who gave the largest influence to the researchers in various areas). In this year, HCR were selected based on times of citations of theses for 11 years from January 2010 to December 2020. In the list of 2021 HCR, 24 Nobel prize winners including five 2021 Nobel prize winners are included.

  Clarivate selects HCR based on analysis information obtained by the data and measurement bibliography professionals and data scientists of ISI (Institute for Scientific Information), an affiliated organization. It also selects and reports Novel-Class Citation Laureates selected as potential Novel winners through citation analysis as well as HCR