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YU conferred an honorary doctorate degree to Secretary-General Beasley of UN WFP N

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  • Date : 2022.07.20 11:00
  • Publication Date : 2022.07.14
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Honorary Doctor of International Development, for contribution in eradication of poverty by improving food security environments in developing countries

The first head of a UN international organization, who received the degree from YU that established the studies of “Saemaul International Development”

Received “Nobel Peace Prize” for WFP’s international performances such as “Saemaul Zero Hunger Community Project”

YU-WFP, cooperation plan for eradication of poverty from developing countries through Saemaul local development models

[July 14, 2022]


<President CHOI Oe-chool (right) confers Honorary Doctor of International Development to Secretary-General David Beasley (left) of UN WFP

 (United Nations World Food Programme)>

  YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) conferred Honorary Doctor of International Development to Secretary-General David M. Beasley (left) of UN WFP (United Nations World Food Programme). He contributed in eradication of poverty from and termination of hunger in the whole world through food aid to and improvement of food security environment in developing countries.

 It attracted attention that the head of WFP received Honorary Doctor of International Development from YU.WFP is the largest humanitarian aid organization in the world which was established in 1961 for eradication of poverty from global village through food aid. It has its HQ in Rome, Italy, and offices in 120 countries and supports more than 100 million poor persons in more than 80 countries every year. Such vision and role of WFP have the same goal with the vision, “A creative and innovative university that contributes to the prosperity of human society,” declared by YU this year.


 Especially, it is also related to “Saemaul International Development” area which is internationally-accepted specialization studies of YU.WFP implemented “Saemaul Zero Hunger Community Project” in developing countries including Tanzania, Rwanda, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. with application of Saemaul Development Principle of Korea to solve the issue of absolute poverty from 2011 to 2019 and obtained large performances. WFP makes its activities based on the leadership of Secretary-General Beasley and the passion, devotion, and professionalism of 20,000 staff in more than 120 countries and received Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 for endeavors to eradicate poverty, improvement of conditions for peace in disputed territories, and core role in multilateral cooperation, in cooperation with governments, NGOs, other UN organizations, and private enterprises, etc.

 GO Gun, who served as Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea and is Honorary Chairman of Climate Change Center, wrote the recommendation to confer Honorary Doctor of International Development to Secretary-General Beasley. Honorary Chairman GO Gun made an evaluation in his recommendation, “WFP made a large contribution in making model cases of international development & cooperation projects to disperse the universe value of Saemaul Undong consisting of diligence, self-reliance, and cooperation and to support beneficiaries for escaping from poverty by themselves, over basic food aid.”


 In the Honorary Doctorate Degree Conferment Ceremony held in LEE Si-won Global Convention Hall of YU Cheonma Art Center at 7:00 pm on the 14th, Chairman HAN Jae-sook of Yeongnam School Corporation, Governor LEE Cheol-woo of Gyeongsangbuk-do, and Mayor JO Hyeon-il of Gyeongsan-si participated for congratulations. Especially, BAN Ki-moon, who served as Secretary-General of UN and is Chairman of BAN Ki-moon Foundation for Better Future, transmitted a congratulatory message to the decree conferment ceremony.

 Chairman of BAN Ki-moon said, “Secretary-General Beasley developed WFP significantly with his excellent leadership. Nevertheless, the issue of worldwide poverty is still in serious situation and the role of WFP has become more important. Korea is a model case that it became a main donor country of WFP from a beneficiary country after only one generation. WFP contributed in worldwide expansion of Saemaul Spirit by leading “Saemaul Zero Hunger Community Project” containing Saemaul Spirit of Korea with success. I think that the Honorary Doctorate Degree received by Secretary-General Beasley today is an encouragement message to perform WFP's sublime mission sincerely. I hope more fruits may be obtained in the whole world through joint endeavors by Korean and AFP.

 Secretary-General Beasley served as a congressman and governor of South Carolina and has been leading WFP since April 2017. When he served as the governor, he made South Carolina have the lowest unemployment rate in the USA by inducing reformation of economic structure and innovative private capital investments and his administrative capability and leadership as a leader was accepted. He showed his excellent diplomatic capability playing the role of a bridge for close cooperation in global issues by the USA and the world with establishment of Center for Global Strategies in 2005. The vision showed as a leader and sufficient experiences on international stages are shining in WFP.”

 Secretary-General David M. Beasley of WFP said in the degree conferment ceremony held in YU on the 14th, “It is an honor and I thank that I receive the honorary doctorate degree from YU, which is the center of Saemaul Undong Studies and the researches of Korea, as the representative of whole staff of WFP. I hope that this is a motive of strategic cooperation for YU and WFP to seek for self-sustaining power of the world's most vulnerable and hungry regions by joining forces with Korean companies, NGOs, and research institutes.

 President CHOI Oe-chool of YU said, “I remember the promise of Secretary-General Beasley to devote himself to the global village of Zero Hunger at the time of inauguration in 2017. Especially, “Saemaul Zero Hunger Community Project” showed great performances and leads changes in developing countries. I think that it was possible due to the leadership of Secretary-General Beasley and devotion of WFP members. YU makes every endeavor in education and researches to cultivate talents who will contribute in human societies. I hope that talents who studied in YU will become global leaders to make a better global village with WFP together.”


 Meanwhile, YU intends to implement the project to overcome poverty and terminate hunger in developing countries including Asia and Africa through Saemaul local development models. If YU’s performances and know-how of education and researches in Saemaul international development area accumulated for more than 40 years are combined with the organizational and executive skills of WFP, synergy effect will be generated to overcome poverty of global village through mid-to-long term local development projects. YU created Saemaul Undong Studies with establishment of institutions and educational & training agencies, etc. as well as Park Chung Hee Saemaul Institution, Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul, International Development & Cooperation Center, and faculty and graduate courses such as Department of Saemaul International Development and has been implementing various projects in Saemaul international development area. Especially, 808 persons from 71 countries entered Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul, which was established to cultivate developing countries’ Saemaul leaders, until now and, among them, 682 persons received Saemaul Master’s Degree and work as main policy establishers, international development professionals, and Saemaul Undong leaders in central ministries/offices, public organizations, and international development NGOs, etc. of many countries.