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Academic exchange agreement between YU and Kyungpook National University N

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  • Date : 2022.09.15 09:46
  • Publication Date : 2022.09.07
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Enhancement of academic exchange between both universities through joint researches and academic conferences

Regional innovation and development led by regional representatives, national universities, and private universities

[September 07, 2022]


 YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) and Kyungpook National University (President HONG Won-hwa) concluded an academic exchange agreement in Conference Room 1 of Main Building of Kyungpook National University on the 7th.

  Main contents of the agreement consist of ▷Academic exchange including joint researches and academic conferences, ▷ Exchange of academic data, publications, and information, ▷ Cooperation in education for students (including graduate school students) through operation of joint education courses and common use of and support for laboratory equipment, ▷ Joint excavation and implementation of industry-academy-government-institute collaboration projects, and ▷Enhanced exchange and cooperation among foreign students, etc.

There is a comment that the bridge for cultivation of talents and local innovation and development is provided by a national university and private university representing the region. The agreement was concluded as President HONG Won-hwa of Kyungpook National University accepted the suggestion of President CHOI Oe-chool of YU to gather the capabilities of both universities for local development.

 President CHOI Oe-chool of YU said, “Until now, Kyungpook National University has been playing a large role for local development for cultivation of local talents as a base national university. Especially, I suggested the agreement to President HONG Won-hwa who has been playing a role for development of Korean higher education as the Chairman of Korean University Education Council. I hope this agreement will be a motive to overcome regional crisis and for regional innovation and development over the exchange between both universities.”