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Opening of “YOON Sang-myeong’s Lecture Room” in YU Machinery Hall N

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  • Date : 2022.10.31 13:50
  • Publication Date : 2022.10.12
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Room 364 of Machinery Hall, Designation as a lecture room in the name of CEO YOON Sang-myeong of Dongnam HiTech

Class 79 Alumnus of Department of Marine Engineering (currently, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Contribution in development of the university and society

Support of junior’s learning with donation of KRW 300 million for scholarship last year

[October 12, 2022] 


A lecture room is designated with the name of  CEO YOON Sang-myeong (62) of Dongnam HiTech in YU (President CHOI Oe-chool). He donated large amount of development fund to the university and contributed to social development as a businessman.

On the 12th, a naming copper plate unveiling ceremony (YOON Sang-myeong’s Lecture Room in YU Machinery Hall) was held in Room 364 of Machinery Hall. A naming copper plate showing the face relievo, main history, and performances of CEO YOON was put on the right wall of the lecture room door.


CEO YOON is Class 79 alumnus of YU PARK Yong Department of Marine Engineering (currently, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering). After graduation in 1986, he served as the president of Keumsung Precision Research Institute and, after establishment of Dongnam Mold in 2000, established and has been operating Dongnam HiTech (Dalseong-gun, Daegu), an injection mold and injection molded products manufacturing company, since 2005.

CEO YOON has been donating development fund to YU and has been practicing sharing since 2003. Last year, he donated KRW 300 million of scholarship for juniors of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.In 2004, he received commendation of Chairman of Korea Federation of SMEs and was selected as a member of YU Chunma Honors in 2021.

CEO YOON attended the ceremony and said, “I have been keeping a mind to repay the benefits of the university since graduation from the university and start of social life. I just donated little by little as a small act, but I don't know where to put my body because a classroom with my name is designated here on campus. I hope this classroom will become the foundation for students to dream and study. I will continue to work hard so that my alma mater can develop and add a small force to the growth of my juniors.”


President CHOI Oe-chool of YU said, “It is highly helpful for development of the university to play  a role as a businessman and to contribute in development of society but, furthermore, CEO YOON makes tangible and intangible support for alma master and juniors and I thank him. I’d like to express my thanks to the family members attended here. The entrepreneurship and will of a large donation of CEO YOON will be transmitted to juniors studying in “YOON Sang-myeong’s Lecture Room” in full. I will do my best so that YU students may grow to be the talents to contribute in human society over contribution in social development.”

YU has been operating lecture rooms having donators’ names of large amount of university development fund since 2018. The purpose is to respect those who have contributed to development of the university and society and to encourage a culture of donation.

Meanwhile, at the unveiling ceremony on the same day, the award ceremony for “YOON Sang-myeong Scholarship” was also held. “YOON Sang-myeong Scholarship” is operated with the scholarship fund donated by CEO YOON and one student will be selected from Faculty of Machinery Engineering and supported every year since this year.