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YU Department of Construction System Engineering, selected as the best department by companies N

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  • Date : 2023.01.11 13:40
  • Publication Date : 2022.12.13
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Selection as the best in civil engineering area (Department of Construction System Engineering) in “2022 Industrial-Perspective University Evaluation” 

Continuous production of the best industrial-perspective departments since 2009

Biopharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, electronic semiconductors, IT, machinery (vehicles), architecture (construction), and environment, etc.

[December 13, 2022]


YU Department of Construction System Engineering was selected as the best department by companies.

 According to the results of “2022 Industrial-Perspective University Evaluation” announced by the Korea Engineering Education Accreditation Institute, YU Department of Civil Engineering was the best department in the field of civil engineering. YU Department of Construction System Engineering was selected as the best department for the second time after 2012 and the excellence of its curriculum was recognized once again.

 Industrial-Perspective University Evaluation is done by companies. It has been held since 2008 to expand communication between industry and universities and to cultivate manpower to meet industrial demands. In particular, new industries were added to cultivate future talent and endeavors to vitalize universities’ own industry-university cooperation models such as on-the-job training in connection with companies, the establishment of employment-linked training courses, and business agreements with industries were reflected in the indexes. This year, 26 universities and 42 departments were evaluated in four areas including IT, civil engineering, artificial intelligence, and smart factory.

 The evaluation was conducted by an evaluation committee consisting of industry and university officials, including 22 companies such as LG U+, LG Chem, SK Telecom, Kakao Enterprise, and Hyundai Engineering. The evaluation committee evaluated three areas: industry-based curriculum design, curriculum operation, and performance. The university that received the best evaluation result is awarded a certification plaque jointly named by the Ministry of Education, 5 economic organizations, and the Accreditation Board of Engineering Education of Korea. 

In the Industrial-Perspective University Evaluation, YU has been continuously producing the most excellent departments since 2019 in various academic areas such as metal steel, new materials, architecture (construction), general machinery, machinery-automobiles, electronic engineering-semiconductors, IT, computer software, petrochemicals, environment, biopharmaceuticals, and food, etc.