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YU Donator Invitation Concert, Finale with “An impressive stage” N

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  • Date : 2023.05.23 22:05
  • Publication Date : 2023.05.19
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Special performances to express the thank to contributors in university development including donators

Harmony by YU professors, students, and alumni including orchestra and chorus

“More magnificent and wonderful harmony than any other performances … Lingering feeling of emotion even after the performances”

[May 19, 2023]

실내, 극장, 공연 예술 센터, 콘서트홀이(가) 표시된 사진

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<Performance of YU Donator Invitation Concert>

Contributors of university development including YU alumni and donators gathered in the Grand Hall of Chunma Art Center of YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) at 07:30 pm on May 16th. “Donator Invitation Concert,” a special performance prepared by YU, was put on the stage on that day.

<Donators and alumni who visited the university to watch YU Donator Invitation Concert>

의류, 사람, 인간의 얼굴, 여성이(가) 표시된 사진

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의류, 사람, 스탠딩, 실내이(가) 표시된 사진

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The concert managed by YU External Relations Office and Department of Music of College of Arts was put on the stage to express the thank to alumni and donators who donated development fund to the university

KIM Jong-han, a honorary professor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resources Development Institute (former Gyeongsangbuk-do Regional Public Officials Training Institute), who is an alumnus of YU Department of Literature (Korean Literature) and donated KRW 100 million of development fund in 2021 and expressed his emotion of the performance saying, “I waited with excitement for several days at the thought of watching a performance prepared by alumni, professors, and students of my alma mater. It was a more wonderful and moving stage than any other performances I have ever seen. It was a day that made my pride in my alma mater even greater as I saw and experienced with my own eyes the members of the university who were united through music.”

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Especially, in this concert, YU professors, students, and alumni, including conductor LEE Il-gu, composer LIM Joo-seop, violinist KIM Yi-jeong, pianist YEO Eun-young, soprano KIM Jeong-ah, baritone LEE Dong-hwan, and haegeum LEE Seung-hee, as well as an orchestra of 50 members and a choir of 150 members, presented an impressive harmony. Cultural and artistic performances prepared by university members directly for those who have contributed to the development of the university are not common.

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사람, 음악, 의류, 피아노이(가) 표시된 사진

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In the performance on that day, there were mother-daughter alumni on the stage that the daughter is currently studying in YU and they became a hot topic. They are alumnus KANG Eun-goo (Ph.D. graduate of YU Graduate School of Music) and student KIM Ye-ram in the Class 23 majoring in vocal music. Alumnus KANG Eun-goo expressed his feeling of participation saying, “I prepared for a performance with my juniors after a long time and memories of my school days were fresh. I was able to prepare for the performance with a joyful heart while practicing with my daughter. I am rather grateful to my alma mater for making wonderful memories of being able to stand on the stage with my daughter. I will support the development of my alma mater anytime, anywhere.”

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<University members and visitors are singing the YU School Song in the Donator Invitation Concert.>

This performance was held as a free invitational performance for all seats and not only donators and alumni but also students and ordinary citizens who had made applications in advance attended and enjoyed the performance. Student Zhang Jin Chen (YU Department of Computer Engineering, 4th year) from China who had made an application through the university website said, “I made the application because I wanted to enjoy Korean performance culture and build memories while studying abroad. I couldn't hide my surprise while watching the performance on a much grander and wonderful stage than expected. Even after the performance is over, the afterglow of emotion lingers. I hope there will be many cultural performances hosted by the university.”

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PARK So-hyun, dean of the YU College of Music who prepared this performance, said, “Professors, students, and alumni of the College of Music prepared the performance by donating their talents to express their gratitude to those who contributed to the development of the university. I hope that the sincerity of the performers prepared with one mind would be conveyed to the audience.”

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President CHOI Oe-chool said, “YU members prepared the performances with all their heart in order to express their gratitude to the donators and alumni who devoted themselves to the development of the university. I hope that this concert will be a time of harmony for not only university members such as donators, alumni, and students but also all citizens who support YU. YU will take the lead in nurturing talented people who contribute to the development of human society beyond the region and Korea. I hope you to show interest in YU and continue to support it.“

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