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YU held 76th Anniversary Ceremony, “In the age of great transformation, all members should participate in the innovation N

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  • Date : 2023.05.23 22:07
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Reward for excellent teaching professors and excellent research professors, etc.

“Songam LEE Jong-woo Achievement Award” for university development and innovation through education and research

[May 15, 2023]

YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) held 76th Anniversary Ceremony.

The ceremony was held in LEE Si-won Global Convention Hall of Chunma Art Center on the 15th and not only university members such as Chairman HAN Jae-sook of Yeongnam School Corporation, President CHOI Oe-chool of YU, Faculty Chairman JEONG Jae-hak, and Chairman KWON Ki-young of Labor Union but also Director LEE Jong-woo of Yeongnam School Corporation, Director KIM Jin-sam, and Chairman YOON Dong-han of YU Alumni Association, etc. congratulated 76th Anniversary Ceremony.

<Commemorative speech by HAN Jae-sook (Chairman of Yeongnam School Corporation)>

Chairman HAN Jae-sook said in her commemorative address, “Numerous universities are facing the grim reality of so-called cherry blossom ending. I think that this point of existence is the last golden time for university innovation. Universities should achieve full-scale innovation through selection and concentration. I hope that all members will gather their will and respond well.”

President CHOI Oe-chool said in his commemorative address, “Universities are facing new challenges and times of great transformation, such as decrease in school age population and drastic changes in government policies. I am convinced that such situation is not a crisis but an opportunity for YU. We are seeking various innovative measures for sustainable development of YU. Trust and cooperation of all YU members is very important for great transformation of the university structure and operation. Let's gather the wisdom of all members and create a period of opportunity for YU to take a leap forward.”

<Commemorative address by President CHOI Oe-chool of YU>

In the commemorative ceremony, awards were given to professors and staff who have worked hard for development of the university in the fields of education, research, and administration. Long-term service awards were given to 102 persons, Excellent Chunma Honors Lecture Awards were given to 5 professors, Excellent Lecture Awards were given to 20 professors, Excellent Research Awards were given to 15 persons, Alumni Association Chairman’s Awards were given to 5 persons, and Songam LEE Jong-woo Achievement Awards were given to 4 persons, with congratulations. 

의류, 슈트, 사람, 여성이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

의류, 슈트, 사람, 스탠딩이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Especially, in the opening ceremony of this year, four professors were selected for contribution in development and innovation of the university through education and research and Songam LEE Jong-woo Achievement Awards were given to them. The awards were given with use of the development fund donated by Chairman LEE Jong-woo of Korea Former Co., Ltd who is the chairman of Yeongnam School Corporation.