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YU won 2023 Summer National University Judo Federation Championship N

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  • Date : 2023.09.13 13:20
  • Publication Date : 2023.08.25
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Achievement of two gold medals after winning 14th Cheongpunggi National Judo Competition

In the individual competition, overwhelming skills by winning one gold, one silver, and one bronze medal

Coach LEE Jeong-hwa received “Best Coach Award” and KIM Min-soo received “Best Player Award”

[August 25, 2023]

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YU’s judo team won the top spot at 2023 Summer National Men's & Women's University Judo Federation Championships.

In the competition held at Daejeon University of Science and Technology from August 16th to 18th, YU defeated Sehan University with the score of 4 to 2 in the first round and got withdrawal from Masan University in the second round.And then, in the semifinals and finals, they won the team event by defeating Dong-eui University and Gimcheon University in succession.

YU Judo Team achieved two gold medals this season following the 14th Cheongpunggi National Judo Competition held in May.

YU Judo Team showed overwhelming skills in the individual competition at this competition, with LEE Jun-wook (first year of physical education, -60kg) winning a gold medal, as well as one silver and one bronze.YU Judo Team Coach LEE Jeong-hwa won the Best Coach Award in this competition and KIM Min-soo (4th year of Physical Education) won the Best Player Award.

LEE Jeong-hwa, YU Judo Team Coach, said, “I would like to thank everyone who sent support and encouragement, including the school officials who helped the judo team focus on training.”