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YU cultivates semiconductor super-gap specialist talents! N

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  • Date : 2023.09.13 13:21
  • Publication Date : 2023.08.31
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“Semiconductor process practice (theory + equipment operation)” training during vacation

Implementation of joint projects with eight semiconductor-related faculties and departments to cultivate “future mobility semiconductor experts”

[August 31, 2023]

의료 장비, 의료, 헬스케어, 의류이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) provided intensive training during vacation to cultivate semiconductor experts.

YU's Semiconductor Human Resource Development Project Group conducted “short-term process training” to cultivate semiconductor super-gap experts for 8 weeks from July 3 to August 25.The training, which was conducted with the support of the Gyeongbuk Semiconductor Super-Gap Professional Training Project, was completed by a total of 160 people in 6 sessions, 20 people in each session. Each session was provided as 40 hours of training for one week.

실내, 의료 장비, 헬스케어, 의료이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

The “Process Practice Short-term Training” course is an educational program to support employment of current students and graduates of eight semiconductor-related departments at YU (Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Information and Communication Engineering, and Department of Robotics Engineering) in the semiconductor field.YU plans to sequentially support employment in semiconductor industries in the Gyeongbuk region for 160 students who completed the training.

After being selected for the Gyeongbuk Semiconductor Super-Gap Professional Human Resource Training Project in June 2023, YU's Semiconductor Human Resource Training Project Group has been supporting hands-on training in semiconductor processes for current students and job seekers and is working to develop a curriculum tailored to the needs of local industries.It also operates a high-level human resource training program for graduate students and is building semiconductor-related educational infrastructure, including the use of clean rooms and equipment for practicing various semiconductor processing equipment during the project period.

KIM Jong-su (Professor of Department of Physics), head of YU's Semiconductor Human Resource Training Project Group, said, “We will actively support YU to establish itself as a hub for future mobility semiconductor device and process education.”