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JEON In, YU's Employment Office Director, received a commendation for job creation N

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  • Date : 2023.09.13 13:22
  • Publication Date : 2023.09.06
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Contribution in creating excellent jobs for the underemployed and small and medium enterprises and discovering jobs for future industries

Award by the Minister of Employment and Labor at the 2023 Government Award Ceremony for Job Creation

An example of YU’s ability to contribute to the local community

[September 06, 2023]

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JEON In (49, professor of business administration), YU’s Employment Office Director, received a commendation for job creation from the government.He has been recognized for his contribution in creating local jobs and discovering jobs for the transformation of future industries over the past 15 years.Minister LEE Jeong-sik of Employment and Labor presented the award to Director JEON In of Employment and Labor at the “2023 Government Award Ceremony for Job Creation” held at the International Conference Hall of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul on the 4th.

The government award for job creation is an award given by the Ministry of Employment and Labor to people of merit from all walks of life who have set an example while playing a leading role in supporting job creation and promoting youth and senior employment.

Director JEON In of Employment and Labor has participated in policy research, evaluation, advice, and consulting on basic, regional, and government job creation projects to create jobs in Daegu and Gyeongbuk.Especially, through cooperation with Gyeongsangbuk-do, the “Job Strategy Centered on the Living Economy Zone” which reflects the characteristics of the industry and labor market in each Gyeongbuk region in 2021 was confirmed as a pledge task of the 8th popularly elected governor of Gyeongbuk Province to discover specialized job policies that allow local residents to work without leaving the region.Through advisory and consulting on the Gyeongbuk Job Project (Regional Innovation Project, Preemptive Employment Stabilization Package), contributions were made in the highest national level rating and the largest national budget for three consecutive years (2021-2023). From 2010 to present, he has served as an evaluation committee member for the Ministry of Employment and Labor's local industry-tailored job creation support project, serving as an expert to revitalize local employment policies through research on local jobs, governance improvement measures, and research on the central government's local job policies.

Director JEON In of Employment and Labor said, “Based on my experience and know-how in local job policies, I wil try to implement an industry-academy-government cooperation model to prevent young talents from leaving the metropolitan area and allow YU to play a leading role in improving the competitiveness of local human resources and revitalizing local industries while they settle in the region. I will work hard to implement it.”

President CHOI Oe-chool said, “This award is a good example of the many achievements that Yeungnam University’s outstanding researchers are making, including education and research, contributing to the development of the local community. We will continuously provide various kinds of support for cultivation of excellent talents needed for the region and society and for development of future industries.”