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YU Law School student won “Grand Prize” in criminal litigation-related thesis contest N

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  • Date : 2024.02.01 17:36
  • Publication Date : 2024.01.22
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“Grand Prize” in the 1st thesis contest hosted by the Criminal Procedure Law Society and sponsored by the Ministry of Justice

Awarded for the topic “Introduction and Legislation of the Judicial Cooperation Immunity from Prosecution System”

‘”No. 1” in passing rate for prosecutor appointments, proving the reputation of YU Law School following the 3rd law school evaluation ‘certification’

[January 22, 2024]


<YU Law School student KIM Hong-kyun won the grand prize in the thesis contest related to criminal litigation. (KIM Hong-kyun on the right of the photo)>

Kim Hong-gyun (26), a student of YU's (President CHOI Oe-chool) Law School (hereinafter referred to as law school), received the award ceremony in “1st Law School Student Criminal Procedure-related Outstanding Thesis Contest and Contest” held in the seminar room of Korean Bar Association Building on the 15th of last month and won the grand prize from the Minister of Justice.

This thesis contest, hosted by The Korean Association of Criminal Procedure Law and sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, was provided to inspire law school students to research criminal procedure law and provide a venue for academic exchange.This competition was started in June with applications by the students from 25 law schools across the country who have received letters of recommendation from law school professors designated by The Korean Association of Criminal Procedure Law, theses were submitted by the end of July, and three selected students were announced at the Veritas Hall of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office in September.

KIM Hong-gyun, a student of YU, won the grand prize in this competition of law school students from all over the country, with a thesis on “Introduction and Legislation of the Judicial Cooperation Exemption from Prosecution System” arguing that as crimes have become more sophisticated and sophisticated in recent years, criminals who have committed serious crimes that have caused great harm to the public have been identified and that the accomplices who provided conclusive evidence reviewed the possibility of introducing a “judicial cooperator immunity from prosecution system” which allows prosecutors not to file charges if certain requirements are met and presented specific legislative proposals.

KIM Hong-gyun said, “I would like to thank Professor Jo Ji-eun and other professors at YU Law School for their special attention from the recommendation to participate in the competition to the final presentation. As a law student, this is a great opportunity to think about the criminal litigation system from a fundamental level.” “I am proud and happy that I can be of some help in promoting the name of YU Law School.”

Meanwhile, YU Law School produced 7 successful students in the 2024 new prosecutor selection test, ranking first in the country in the prosecutor appointment passing rate (based on the number of successful students compared to the admission quota), and ranked first in the country in the 9th Bar Examination, and ranked 2nd in the country in  the 8th and 10th bar exam passing rate (based on the number of students admitted to each class), showing the prestige of a law school. In the third law school evaluations in 2023, the law school was evaluated as ‘certified’ in recognition of its excellence in operation and quality of education.