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YU held an academic symposium with Uzbekistan's Samarkand National University and Bukhara National University N

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  • Date : 2024.02.01 17:38
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With the subjects of “The public nature of universities and the role of museums” and “History and culture of the Silk Road”

Making a plan for continuous academic exchange between universities in both countries and promoting sustainable development

Along with the academic symposium, an event to experience the cultures of two countries was also held.

[January 17, 2024]

<An academic symposium was held at YU Chunma Art Center by YU, Uzbekistan’s Samarkand National University, and Bukhara National University.>

On the 10th, YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) and Samarkand National University and Bukhara National University of Uzbekistan held an academic symposium at YU Chunma Art Center of LEE Si-won Global Convention Hall.

This academic symposium was jointly hosted by YU Museum, Samarkand State University located at the center of Silk Road, and Bukhara State University located at an altitude of 2,500 years and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was held to revitalize cooperation between universities in the two countries and promote sustainable development.

This academic exchange was carried out as part of the exchange and cooperation promised by YU’s visiting team to major universities in Uzbekistan in June last year. At the time, YU President CHOI Oe-chool signed an agreement at the request of five major universities in Uzbekistan, which were considered the best in all of Central Asia, for active exchange. Through this, in order to share Korea's development experience, we decided to expand academic exchanges, starting with YU's globally competitive academic fields, including Saemaul Studies.

In the first part of the symposium held under the theme of “The public nature of universities and the role of museums,” LEE Eun-jeong (Director of YU Museum) and Dilpooza Jurakulova of (Professor Samarkand University) gave a presentation on the public nature and role of each university museum and had a discussion on the ways for academic exchange between the museums in both countries. Presentations were made by Professor Odil Ergashev on the historical and archaeological excavations and academic achievements of the University of Samarkand.

In Part 2, which was held with the subject of “History and Culture of the Silk Road,” KIM Jae-yoon (head of the Department of Culture and Anthropology at YU) gave a presentation on the Eurasian cultural elements seen in the Bangudae Petroglyphs and Cheonjeon-ri Petroglyphs, and researchers from Samarkand University and Bukhara University gave a presentation on the Silk Road’s history and culture. A discussion continued on tangible & intangible culture and its relationship with Korea.In the final general discussion, presenters and audience members from universities around the world had the time to explore the ways to continue academic exchange between YU and Samarkand-Bukhara State University.

<Prior to the academic symposium, a cultural exchange event, including a traditional wedding ceremony, was held in the lobby of the YU Museum on the 9th.>

Meanwhile, prior to the academic symposium, a demonstration of Korean traditional rites and weddings experience of wearing Hanbok and traditional Uzbekistan clothing, and a performance of Korean traditional music by students of the Department of Korean Traditional Music were shown for professors from Samarkand National University in Uzbekistan and foreign students of YU on the 9th in the lobby of the YU Museum for exchanging cultures between the two countries.