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YU Presents Letters of Appointment to New Faculty Members for the 2024 School Year N

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  • Date : 2024.03.14 13:25
  • Publication Date : 2024.03.04
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Twenty new faculty appointments have been made in the College of Engineering, College of Social Sciences, College of Medicine, and more.

From the first semester of 2024, on the lecture hall... Focused on research and training of future students

[March 04, 2024]

 From the first semester of the 2024 school year, twenty new faculty members will join YU.


<On February 26th, YU held a ceremony to present appointment letters to the new faculty members for the 2024 school year.>

 The twenty new faculty members will engage in research and training of future students from the first semester of 2024, and the list is as follows: Prof. JEONG Yoo-jin (Faculty of Chemical Engineering), Prof. KIM Jae-hyeon (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Prof. JANG Jong-moon (Department of Electronics Engineering), Prof. KIM Jin-jae (Department of Future Automotive Engineering), Prof. RYU In-seok (Department of Military Science), Prof. KIM Seok-hyeon (Department of Business Administration), Prof. KIM Hong-joo and PARK Young-seop (Department of Internal Medicine), Prof. SHIM Beom-jin and PARK Wook-tae (Department of Orthopedic Surgery), Prof. KIM Hyo-shin (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), Professors JO So-hye (Department of Psychiatry), JO Chan-ho (Department of Ophthalmology), KIM Joon-gun (Department of Dermatology), JO Yoon-young (Department of Radiation Oncology), KWON Jin-ju (Department of Dentistry), KIM Seong-hoon (Department of Nuclear Medicine), Prof. JEONG Myeong-ki (Faculty of Pharmacy), Prof. JIN Sang-rak (Department of Biotechnology), and Prof. SHIN Won-baek (Department of Visual Design).

<New faculty members for the first semester of 2024>

From the first row left, Professors JEONG Yoo-jin, KIM Jae-hyeon, JANG Jong-moon, KIM Jin-jae, and RYU In-seok

From the second row left, Professors KIM Seok-hyeon, KIM Hong-joo, PARK Young-seop, SHIM Beom-jin, and PARK Wook-tae

From the third row left, Professors KIM Hyo-shin, JO So-hye, JO Chan-ho, KIM Joon-gun, and JO Yoon-young

From the fourth row left, Professors KWON Jin-ju, KIM Seong-hoon, JEONG Myeong-ki, JIN Sang-rak, and SHIN Won-baek

 President CHOI Oe-chool of YU, hosted a ceremony on the 26th of last month to confer appointment letters to new faculty members, stating, "I have great expectations for those of you who have achieved outstanding research results in various academic fields and are joining Yeongnam University as professors.” "This year marks the significant 77th anniversary of Yeongnam University. I hope that professors will generously impart your knowledge and expertise to enable Yeongnam University students to grow into individuals who contribute to human society. The university will spare no effort in providing ample support to professors for your educational and research activities," he added.