School of Architecture


  • Major of Architecture (5-year program)
  • Major of Architectural Engineering (4-year program)
  • Major of Architectural Design (4-year program)


Based on deep understanding and affection about the human and architecture, the educational goal of the School of Architecture is to train and educate students to become professional architects possessing profound knowledge and technique of architecture and engineering.

To achieve the educational goal, three different programs which are the five-year Bachelor of Architecture Program for KAAB, the four-year Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural Engineering Program for ABEEK, and the four-year Bachelor of Architectural Design Program have their own particular curriculum subjects.

Approximately 6,000 alumni and many of them are the leader of society in the architectural field since establishment of the school in 1952. Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the School, we have set the higher global standard. The School of Architecture in Yeungnam University will make continuous effort to cultivate experts in every field of the architectural society to lead the new century.

Major of Architecture (5-year program)

The major of Architecture lays emphasis on being architects to be acknowledged internationally through the development of creative and active practical design abilities. Through many disciplines such as culture, structure, environment, construction, professional practice and especially architectural design, we are satisfying the need for professional architects on a global standard. The major is accredited by KAAB.

Major of Architectural Engineering (4-year program)

The major of Architectural Engineering focuses on being professional engineers to understand environmental technical system and to utilize the ability of engineering technique in the field of construction site, structures, environmental, and mechanical systems. Through such, we educate globally competitive architectural engineers and construction managers. The major of Architectural Engineering intensively emphasizes education on structures, building construction, environment, equipment, and construction management including many relevant experts such as Construction Engineers, Structural Engineers, Equipment Engineers, Construction technicians, and various researchers within the construction field. The major is accredited by ABEEK.

Major of Architectural Design (4-year program)

The major of Architectural Design is a new major opened in 2008 that focuses on cultivating professional designers to satisfy the needs of modern construction and design in today’s society. We develop professionals that research and practice space design based upon human environment with considerations of nature, culture, environment, urbanism and ecology. Therefore we promote a well-informed professionals specialties with fundamental ideals of construction planning and specialties in interior design, landscape design, civil design, and metropolitan design.


The Department was established by merging Architectural Engineering of Cheonggu University founded in 1952 and Architectural Engineering of Daegu University founded in 1964. When the two universities merged in December 1967, the department was reorganized as Architectural Engineering of Yeungnam University and night classes of Architectural Engineering were established in 1978.

The major of Architectural Engineering had 50th anniversary and further established the 5-year School of Architecture program and a 4-year Architectural Design program. We have been searching for the best educational direction through distinct curriculum and in-depth research. In 2008 the department separated from college of Engineering and is currently its independent school with 3 majors (Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Architectural Design). The School of Architecture currently has 663 students enrolled and has graduated over 6,000 students who currently work in various architectural field. Alumni have become pivotal role in development of Korean construction for last 60 years.

Job Fields

The approximate 6,000 alumni not only working within Korea, they are widely spread in architectural fields. The major of Architecture is well preparing for careers as internationally qualified professional Architects throughout the creative and practical five-year program. The major of Architectural Engineering is preparing for careers as Building Contractors, Construction Managers, Structural Engineers, Consulting Engineers and knowledgeable specialists in related areas of building design and analysis. The major of Architectural Design is preparing for careers as Urban Architects, Interior Designers, Architectural Consultants and Architectural Civil Officials in related area of public and environmental design.


  • Kang, Joo-Won,Professor

    • Michigan State Univ. Structural Engineering
  • Kwon, Jong Wook,Professor

    • Texas A&M University Architectural Planning
  • Kim So Hee,Professor

    • Hongik Univ. Interior Architectural Design
  • Do hyun hak,Professor

    • Ecole d'Architecture Paris-Belleville Architectural Design
  • Sang Min Park,Professor

    • Illinois Institute of Technology Architectural Design, CAD
  • BAEK Seung-Man,Professor

    • Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Architecture and Urban Design
  • YANG JEONG HOON,Professor

    • University of Tokyo Architectural Environment Engineering
  • lee, dea-jin,Professor

    • Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia Architectural Design
  • Lee, Woo-Jong,Professor

    • Seoul National Univ.
  • Lee Jin Hi,Professor

    • Politecnico di Milano
  • Cho, Young-Hum,Professor

    • University of Nebraska Building Mechanical System
  • Hyung, Won-Gil,Professor

    • Chonbuk National Univ. Construction Materials
  • Sangyong Kim,Associate Professor

    • Univ. of Reading Construction Management and Engineering
  • SungHak Ko,Assistant Professor

    • Architectural Design
  • Emilien Pierre Gohaud,International Professor for Education

    • F-6(결혼이민):~2022-01-16

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