Special Graduate Schools


The school was opened in December 1979 to provide instructions in environmental theory and application and to contribute to national development by cultivating leadership and creative ability in environmental managers and professionals,

It offers masters and certificate programs in six specialized fields of environmental studies : environmental management, environmental engineering, environmental design, public health, art therapy, nutrition management.

The annual enrollment quota for the masters program is 70. Foreign students are not governed by the quota.


  • Kim, Gab Sook, Ph.D., Professor (Children Adolescent Art Therapy)
  • Choi, Sun Nam, Ph.D., Professor (Family Art Therapy)

Term of Programs and Residence

Masters programs normally extend over 5 semesters, and the students residence is limited to 8 semesters.


Holders of bachelors degrees awarded at Korean colleges or equivalent as accredited by the Ministry of Education are eligible to apply. Admission is granted through examinations which include written tests of major topics, and an oral test, examination.


Recruiting is made biannually, in December for the spring semester (March-August) and in July for the fall semester (September-February). The applicants will submit the following materials to the school :

  • 1) Application from (Supplied by the school) properly completed
  • 2) Certificate of degree conferred or expected, or equivalent
  • 3) Transcripts
  • 4) Curriculum vitae
  • 5) Two photos, 3×4cm, taken within three months of the date of application.

Degree and Certificate

Students enrolled in masters program and having satisfied all the pertinent requirements are awarded the following degrees depending on their major : Master of Science (MS) or Master of Floral Design(MFD) for environmental management major, Master of Engineering (ME) or Master of Feng Shui (MFS) for environmental engineering and environmental designing majors, Master of Public Health (MPH) for Public health majors, Master of Art Therapy(MAT) for Art Therapy majors and Master of Nutrition Management(MNM) for Nutrition Management majors. Students in certificate programs are issued certificates in the appropriate field upon graduation.

Course of Instruction

All Courses carry 2 or 3 credit points each.