About Us

The Department of Public Administration at Yeungnam University(Yeungdae) has provided a comprehensive program in the fundamental areas of the public administration as general theories of political science, law, and public administration including English language, computer-related techniques, research methodology, and police administration since 1963. Actually the department of public administration has been proud of being the paramount to teaching and research in the field of practice as well as theory in the public administration community in South Korea. We produced more than 2,000 alumni working public administration practitioners and academic professors throughout the Korean peninsula. Additionally we have offered Master degree and Ph.D in public administration programs since 1973 and produced more than 130 masters and 24 Ph.Ds. Apparently, those alumni organizations have leaded by the high ranking governmental officials and nationwide as well as local elected politicians mostly those who passed the Korean Advanced Governmental Entrance Examination.

The undergraduate admission is so competitive, that in 2008, the 25-37% of applicants got their admissions. We have also opened the evening classes of public administration since the beginning of this department, the admission for seeking the evenings was sightly less competitive than the day-time school.

Even there have swift social and economic changes in Korea, the Yeungdae and its Public Administration Department have maintained the distinguished intellectualism and the commitment to diversity approach to produce the disciplined and well-trained governmental employees. We, the Yeungnam public administration man believe concretely that the Yeungdae is the most challenging university in both Korea and Asia.